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Maze Platformer

How to Play?

  • Use the on-screen arrow keys (mobile only), keyboard arrow keys or WASD keys to move the character
  • Use the on-screen flag button or F-key to place a flag (can be used as a reminder of places you've been in the maze)
  • Use the on-screen pause button or P-key to pause the game (or return to the level select)

Goal of the game

Most of all: Have Fun!
Complete each level as fast a possible to earn more coins.

Some game concepts

  • Mazes become bigger every level.
  • Theme changes every World (10 levels), up to 6 unique themes.
  • Music changing (faster pace at higher completion % of the maze; World 1 has a single track, World 2 has two tracks and World 3 and onward has three tracks).
  • Direction signs spawn when you get 80% or more "lost", walking the wrong way (% lost decreases every level with a minimum of 5%).
  • Keys are used to unlock locks that block your way to the exit (World 2 onward, 1 additional key every World, up to 4 keys total).
  • Coins are earned when complete a maze level (more coins every level).
  • Coins and Gems can be spent in the shop (chance to spawn from level 7 onward).
  • Hidden Secret Dungeons contain more gems (chance to spawn from level 25 onward).