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Why Aren't You Hiring Me?! v2.0

The question I've been asking myself and the industry many times over with only a few answers.

Recently Innovattic dared to answer my question by simply hiring me.
I'm thankful and grateful that they decided to give me a chance and I will take this opportunity to create awesome games.

Now that my journey has finally really kicked off, I am still left without a proper answer to my question.
Even though unanswered, I will leave the question to rest for now and focus more on actually making games.

Why Aren't You Hiring Me?!

A question I've been asking myself lately since getting my first job in the Game Industry has been unfruitful so far.

My passion for game programming is what thrives me in life. I eat, sleep, drink, dance and breathe game programming from the moment my day starts until I finally fall asleep at night.

With my hobby game projects I've learned and gained a lot of experience in game programming and the related fields such as game designing and time management.

Since the start of my own hobby project I've been sending out my application to many game companies around the world. It hasn't proven to be successful yet leading me to question why I ain't being hired.
Over the years I've been trying to improve my chances by completing my Bachelor with Cum Laude and most recently starting my Masters abroad in Scotland to obtain a game related degree which is looking good so far as I'm striving to hold my 80% Average and graduate with Magne Cum Laude.

Even with all my knowledge, education and eagerness the games industry doesn't seem to want to hire me, perhaps you can tell me why?